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Place Memory

Place memory is the idea that the environment can store recordings made by living beings.

Others define place memory as images that “permanently and collectively constitute the memory of the place.”

Place memory is often associated with hauntings & ghost sightings.

In place memories, the participant is “remembering” events that have been experienced by others

These memories can be “viewed, heard, tasted, smelt or felt” at a later time by someone with sufficient sensitivity to the information

Place memory is often closely associated with retrocognition, which literally means “backward knowing”

In retrocognition, participants are witnessing events as “a playback of a past scene”

Thus, in combining place memory & retrocognition, a new theory is presented–present-day environmental imprints (place memory) with alterations in time that might let you literally see the past (retrocognition)

There are, of course, differences between place memory and retrocogniton-(1)place memory tends to be a less intense experience; (2) in place memory there is the assumption that the participant and the information they receive exist in the same present time period; (3) in place memory there is little to no change in consciousness and with retrocogniton there is a dream-like state and an altered sense of time

Place memory is the apparent energetic imprint of information, produced by living beings and somehow stored by the environment which some individuals may be able to retrieve through paranormal means

Place memory suggests that events occurring in a particular place, a house for example, can leave a trace, recording or impression  that influences future occupants or visitors

There is little to no agreement as to the “hows” and “whys’ of place memory–some believe place memory is recorded by the environment while others believe that this information can be imprinted or stamped into environment by the living

Known variables for place memory appear to be: (1)a living agent needs to be involved; (2) strong emotion seem to be a factor that enhances the recording and/or retrieval of place memory

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