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Different Types of Vampires

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Types of Vampires:

PSI Vampire–derive their power from non-physical energy; drain energy from other life forces to replace their own; like recharging a battery.

Blood Vampire–derive their power from drinking blood; must drink fresh blood to maintain life and energy.

Elemental Vampires–feed from the elements.

Emotional Vampire–feeds of emotions of others; often starts fights and/or wars just to feed from the emotions it causes.

Sexual Vampires–derive their power from sexual encounters

Genetic Vampires

Inheritor Vampires–born as a vampire; one parent must be a vampire; vampire gene lies dormant until around the age 13.

Inheritor Vampire (category 2)–inferior version of the inheritor vampire; only lives about 100 years (not too much longer than humans); crave blood and are sensitive to light.

Malkavian Vampires–mentally ill vampires; shunned by the vampire community.

Nightwalker–an extremely inferior version of the classic vampire; virtually has no powers; resembles humans in almost every manner except nightwalkers crave human blood.

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